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When our clients bought this beautiful home near the historic Marietta Square in Marietta, GA, they knew they wanted to update the interior to reflect their more youthful, fresh, modern aesthetic. That's why we're calling this project the Marietta Square Modern Makeover! We had an absolute blast helping our clients bring their vision to life. The entire main level of this home needed a facelift, and with a tricky layout, it needed more cohesion and functionality for their busy family. When we were hired, one of the first things we suggested was for them to switch the dining room with the family room. The room they were using as the dining room was really a pass through the room so we repurposed it as a keeping room and home office. The former family room was repurposed as the dining room and now much larger the perfect space for entertaining family and friends. The table we selected is family-friendly and large enough to host large gatherings of people for entertaining. Not to mention, it has showstopping appeal with a super huge live edge wood table and a matching bench. It’s family-friendly and also adds a bit of the unexpected. 


Our clients had done a major home renovation back in 2013 which added square footage, but the home was still lacking the modern design aesthetic they had really desired all along. As if often the case, both spouses didn’t have the exact same design preferences so we married their styles together when creating the design plans. They already had a few pieces they knew they wanted to keep, so we enjoyed incorporating those pieces into their new space. When we finished on install day, the homeowner’s just couldn’t believe how we transformed their space into something they not only love but also fits their favorite design style and functions the way they had hoped it would all along. Win-Win!

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