We absolutely loved transforming this Home Office into a functional, comfortable space for our client. Although the room was small, we were able to design a plan that incorporated ample storage, a big desk and plenty of space for her dogs to hang out with her while she's working. Our client asked for us to give it the Shabby Chic style she loves so much. Check out the BEFORE photo!

To get started, we took measurements and photos and got straight to work! Our biggest challenge was figuring out the best way to place the furniture in the space. I don't know about you, but we don't like to work facing a wall, so we came up with a layout that allowed for the desk to face outward and not look out of place.

Our first basic sketch looked like this. Good ole grid paper and a pencil.

The next part of our process involved, figuring out style wise, what types of pieces we were going to find for the space. We put together a design board with the style of furniture we would be seeking to find and ran it by our client for approval.

Now that we had our client's approval, the next phase involved figure out where we are going to source the furniture and accessories for the space. In this instance, in order to be able to turn the space around in just a few short weeks, we knew we need to find a pair of matching bookshelves and a large desk in stock and ready to purchase. We started making the rounds at some of our favorite places and ended up finding a desk and bookshelf that matched. They were being sold at an extreme discount as a scratch and dent set. We checked in with our client and assured them - it was the perfect set for the space and in budget! With a little touch up paint, they were good to go!

We then started the task of pulling the rest of the space together with accessories. We scored a cool vintage iron gate that we just knew would add a touch of the unexpected hung on the wall.

Our client asked for a chair with arms and on wheels and those can be expensive. So we searched Craigs List and found the perfect chair! However, we needed to do our magic on it. It was well made and sturdy, but very worn-out looking. With a little paint and new fabric - it was transformed and was just like new!

The walls were painted (Sherwin Williams 7022 "Alpaca"), the ceiling fixture was hung and it was time for the install & reveal day! It is still our favorite part of the process seeing the smiles on our client's faces. Makes all the hard work worth it.

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