Our client had just recently completed a beautiful renovation in their kitchen and were now feeling like their living room was in need of an over haul. Isn't that how it always goes? You update one thing and then it snowballs and everything else needs updating. We live for this!

We were brought in to update their living room and were very excited to get started and create a living room that matched their amazing new kitchen. Our client expressed how they wanted their living room to be designed with an end goal of an elegant space but one that is still causal enough for everyday living with their three children. We were up to the task!

During our initial consult, our client expressed their wish list which included: built-ins on either side of the fireplace for storage, a solution for storing shoes and seating for at least six people. They had already decided that they would have the carpet and tile removed and put down wood floors that matched their kitchen flooring.

These BEFORE photos are in mid process during the floor update.

We started thinking through the best way to give the room a touch of elegance while still giving it the feel of being a cozy, inviting space. We came up with a plan that included oversized, eight-foot tall built-ins on either side of the fireplace that would be painted a soft hue of steel blue. We wanted to keep the walls and furniture tone-on-tone. Our plan also included custom hide-away drawers built-in under the stairs for shoes. Here is the 3D image, we showed our client to show them the vision we had for their space.

Once we got their approval on the design plan, we got straight to work. We consulted with an expert craftsman to construct the built-ins to our specifications for the fireplace and the shoe storage drawers. We lined up the painters and had the walls painted Porter White Wheat 6883-1 which is a lighter version of the already cream trim, Porter Indian Ivory 6884-1.

In the meantime, we were very busy selecting fabric for the love seats, a coffee table, wallpaper for an accent wall, lighting, accessories and other pieces for the space. The room was a labor of love and we are swooning over how it turned out! What's your favorite detail?

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