We were so excited when we were brought in to help design an outdoor living space. When we got there we realized why they needed our help. The screened-in porch was an odd shape and difficult to imagine the possibilities. Because of this, they had been barely using the space and it became quickly cluttered. Take a look at the BEFORE photos.

During the process of working up a plan for Upstyling the space, our clients decided that the best use for the space, for their allergy-ridden family, was to convert it to a fully-enclosed sun room. So we put our design plans on hold for a few months while they did the porch to sun room conversion. When the renovations were completed, we came back in and put together a new plan that incorporated their wish list: urban modern style, crystal chandeliers, gold accents, seating off the master nook, seating for TV viewing and guests, shoe storage, an eating area and a space for lounging on the uncovered patio.

It took a few brainstorming sessions for us to decide how we could best set-up the space for the family and their needs. But, we finally came up with a plan that incorporated everything. The family does not wear shoes in their home, so we knew we needed something right inside their entryway for shoe storage, preferably hidden. We found a large, shoe storage ottoman that could double as extra seating for guests when needed. It fit perfectly!

We also felt like the fireplace needed to be Upstyled, so we drew up plans for a custom mantel. We had it painted the same color as the trim which helped tie it together, along with accessories. We added large lanterns with remote control, flameless, wax candles which adds a nice ambiance in the evenings.

Our clients wanted to be able to use the small nook that is directly outside of the master bedroom as a place to drink coffee, read or just hang out. We decided the best looking, yet functional option, was a pair of comfortable chairs and a round coffee table.

The space between the right side of the fireplace and exterior wall was tight. We wanted to come up with a solution for how to provide a table in front of the main sofa. Most standard, coffee tables are wider than our space would allow. So we had one of our custom guys make a table out of eastern poplar, reclaimed wood. He cut it down to narrow at one end for us, so that it wouldn't impede the walking space. It serves it purpose, adds character and looks awesome!

And all of the interior spaces together!

Now on to the uncovered, outdoor spaces. We were able to use our clients existing, outdoor-friendly furniture in both areas. We arranged to have them professionally cleaned and then we added pops of color with outdoor pillows, a rug and zinc planters attached to the railing for seasonal flowers.

We placed their round, concrete table on the smaller porch and ordered one additional chair to match the other chairs they already had. Now their whole family can eat or play games together outside. We added a stand of commercial-grade, string lights on a remote control to create a fun ambiance. Finally, added zinc planters with cool-temperature-loving plants that should be happy through a Georgia winter.

This was a fun, challenging project and we love how it turned out! We would love to hear your feedback and find out what your favorite improvement was in this new and improved space.

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