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Because the birthday boy and his brother share a joint living space, his older brother's room would be a part of the makeover too. Yay - two for one! We learned that his 12yr old brother is a performer - loves music, dancing, and entertaining in general so we wanted to find a way to incorporate those elements.

Here are a few BEFORE photos of his room.

His room is small and has a few angled ceilings so we had to get creative in the furniture placement. We also knew that we would need a good place for his bed. We definitely decided we wanted to incorporate a stage area with a place on the wall to hang his guitars. Check out these cool hand guitar mounts we found!

We also fell in love with the idea of having end tables made as swings. What 12yr old boy wouldn't think that is cool!

In the space at the top of the stairs outside each of the boy's bedrooms, there was a small desk area that we decided to dress up with a cool time zone wall and vintage US map.

We love how these spaces turned out and all of the custom, personalized aspects to each. What do you like best?

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