After meeting with our clients we were so excited to start this project. We learned in our initial consult that they love, love, love to read and needed a quiet, cozy place to snuggle up and relax. They also wanted this room to double as a secondary guest bedroom so we factored that into our design plan.

Our client expressed their desire to use their existing custom bookshelves in the space. The room itself is on the smaller side so we knew we would need to be creative with the furniture placement. Great designs include incorporating the right scale and pieces of furniture. When done right, you can surprisingly fit quite a bit of stuff in a smaller space.

And with nine foot ceilings you automatically can make a space feel larger by drawing your eye up with window treatments and artwork. A couple of our favorite elements are the oversized lanterns with battery-operated pillar candles that have a soft glow when turned on. We also personalized the space by having custom text excerpts framed from three of her favorite books: Atonement, The Princess Bride and Peace Like a River. We asked our client to select her favorite excerpts and we had a designer format and then printed on a thin canvas material giving it some texture and placed them in 24x36 frames hung over the sofa. Our clients love how this Library turned out and that makes us so happy!

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