There are many possible uses for a bonus room and, in this case, our client knew that they wanted this room to function mainly for watching tv as a family and double as a space for playing and recording music, which is a main hobby of theirs. It was a large blank canvas with great 10 foot high ceilings.

One of the first things we thought through was how we could visually divide the room between the main sitting area and the area for music equipment and their collection of awesome guitars. We knew immediately we wanted to showcase the guitars and make them easy to access. The main wall paint color was already a great one, SW Agreeable Gray, so we decided to pitch the idea of painting diagonal stripes on one wall to highlight the guitars and create some visual interest in the room. We were so glad when our client agreed to the idea!

On the front end, our client expressed that they knew they wanted a specific mid century modern sofa for the space and we think it's just perfect for the room. We selected a steel blue velvet fabric which is so cozy for snuggling up and watching a movie or hanging out with friends. In order to allow for ample walking space we chose a large arc lamp and we think its style is perfect for this room.

Because there was already a wall length of built-in cabinets we opted to have custom roman style shades made for the windows that were lined to reduce the glare and light for optimal television viewing. We chose a neutral fabric with black banding to tie in the black accents in the room. We also knew we wanted to take advantage of the ceiling height by adding some six foot longs custom floating shelves above the tv area. When it comes to accessories, many times, less is more, so we just added a few accessories to give that wall a little interest. Lastly, we had large canvases made of the patents of the three instruments our client's play.

This room was a fun project for us! What's your favorite element in the space?

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