DIY Flocked Christmas Tree!

It's no secret - we kind of have a love affair with all things white. Now that the Christmas decorating season is in full frenzy we thought we would share this simple and affordable tutorial on how to get that snowy white tree look without paying the big bucks. And it's virtually fool proof and quick - so don't be afraid to give it a try! This tutorial works on real or artificial trees and garland just the same - just know that it can't be undone if you decide down the road you want your artificial tree or garland green again.

You'll want to get some of the good stuff - we recommend Premium Sno-Flock by Seasons Reflections. We got a 5 lb box last season from Amazon for $40; (2 lb bags available now for $20ish). You can also buy direct from the company. To get snow look shown in our photos, you'll need about 2 lbs of Sno-Flock powder for an 8ft tree. This is also assuming you don't flock the back of the tree as heavy as the front. We figure why waste it when nobody is gonna see the very back anyway! After flocking our tree & garland last year and our tree this year we still have some leftover from our original 5lb box. Woo-hoo!

Once you have your live tree in place (Costco has great 7.5-8.5 ft trees for $35 bucks!) give the limbs a chance to relax before starting. In the meantime you'll want to cover the floor around the tree with a drop cloth or old blanket/towels. This will reduce your clean-up time. This product is biodegradable and non-toxic so it's a great choice all the way around.

PRO Tip: We only recommend flocking your tree BEFORE you've added lights & ornaments.

The only other supplies you will need are a kitchen strainer with fine mesh (see photo above) and a spray bottle with water. You'll start by misting about a 2 ft x 1 ft section; get it good and wet, but not to the dripping point. Then scoop some of the powder into your strainer and just shake it over the wet limbs.

This is when the magic happens. You'll instantly see the change taking place and it's glorious! Start on another section and do the same thing. You really can't mess it up. After you've sifted over a decent section of the tree you'll want to spray the "done" sections again which will help the powder stick to the tree more. Repeat this process until you have the whole tree done. Some of the powder will drift to the floor but don't panic; it only will stick if it gets wet. You can vacuum any excess powder right up. If you happen to get some stuck to the floor (asking for a friend, right?) - just use whatever you normally would use on your floor surface and it'll clean right up.

And in about an hour or less start to finish, you'll have a beautiful flocked tree! You can do as much or as little as you like. We kinda like to see a little green so we stopped at that point - but keep going until you love it. It's a favorite look of ours each year.

Have fun & Merry Christmas!

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