Stairs Renovation - Amazing Before/After

This traditional, colonial style home had a very closed off floor plan like many of the homes built in the 80's. When you entered the front door, the foyer felt crowded and dim. But with a little imagination, it was completely transformed.

The solution to creating more breathing room was to think outside of the existing walls. By removing part of the wall on one side of the staircase, the entryway was opened up and made way for an incredible transformation.

Once the wall was removed things really started moving. The now-exposed bottom five stair treads had to be rebuilt. Even without the railings, the change was dramatic!

There are so many factors that have to be considered when removing a wall. We considered what might be within the walls (electricity, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) We considered what we would do with the floor since there would be holes and gaps left after the wall came down, and we decided to replace it all with an engineered European white oak engineered hardwood. The wide plank and textured surface gives it an antiqued yet updated look that is just dreamy. Plus, a lighter floor doesn't show dirt the way dark floors do. Win-win!

Now to the fun part. We designed the custom iron railing to reflect a clean, timeless aesthetic. We wanted the staircase to serve as a showpiece in the center of the home and love the way it turned out! The black, open railings allow visibility to be unhindered between the rooms. They are a showpiece, yet they simultaneously retreat into the background when you look through them.

Once the railings were installed, all that was left to do were finishing touches. We added some recessed can lights, painted the ceiling, changed the trim from the traditional to a more craftsman style, and painted the walls in Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.

The end result is airy, open, and modern with a timeless feel. We absolutely love how it turned out!

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