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One of our main goals is to create functional spaces with our client's desired style in mind.

When hiring a designer it's important that your style preferences align with a designer's design aesthetic. Check out HouseLift's five main interior design styles. Which one makes you feel most at home? 



Each time we've been fortunate enough to travel to Europe we've come back inspired by their design style. Classic, tasteful and cozy without feeling formal. Is this your favorite look? 



Do you prefer furniture with sleek, clean lines? Does your heart skip a beat when you walk into West Elm or Crate & Barrel? If so, we would love to design a space in this style for you!

modern farmhouse

Is reclaimed wood, shiplap and mixing the old with the new your love language? Modern Farmhouse became all the rage when Joanna Gaines with Fixer Upper hit the scene and we love it too! Let's design a space in this style just for you! 


Are exposed brick walls, distressed leather, steel accents, loft living, and slightly utilitarian rooms your vibe? We love this style and would love to create the perfect space for you!