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The end result of this project was a beautiful and functional kitchen but it turned out to be so much more than that. A few weeks after the kitchen was finished our clients told us how much they have been enjoying it, and the best part for them has been how connected their family feels in the new open-concept space. That is a HUGE win for us! They have a busy household, with four children and aging parents who reside in their home they desperately needed a better space for everyone to be together. We knocked down the walls that separated the family room and dining room from the kitchen and that resulted in us being able to expand their kitchen to accommodate a large island with seats for each of the kiddos to do homework or sit and talk while meals are being prepared. Their former kitchen was not only small but not functional or conducive for cooking for having the family eat together. We made way for a coffee bar with plenty of storage and a large pantry with pull out storage. The man of the house has quite the tequila collection, and he needed the new kitchen to have a place to store and display his favorite bottles. We sourced a cabinet that paired nicely with the backsplash tile and had custom floating shelves built for displaying his favorite bottles. During the renovation, an inset in the wall was uncovered and he came up with the idea to make use of it for additional bottle storage. We gave our thumbs up! After we started the kitchen plans they decided to update their furnishings in their family room and they used our help with the layout to best make use of the space. Projects like this one fill out heart and make all the hard work worth it. 


*Check out BEFORE photos